Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity

Marty Neumeier

We are digital storytellers

We are a small digital agency that uses branded experiences to connect blockchain startups with their customers and build trust around their products.

Beyond branding, we dig deep to uncover your vision, who you seek to serve, and most importantly the why behind your mission.

Our collaborative process will clarify the unique value you bring to your customers and find ways to engage them effectively. Through committed work and deliberate practice, we will ask the difficult questions that reveal gems of insight and create a brand narrative you can rally around with confidence.

At the end of this process you will be equipped with a clear roadmap and a compelling brand story that will inspire your customers, your staff and investors alike.


Alex Hartan

Alex Hartan, Brand Strategist and Flowency Founder
Distinguished alumni of The Futur's Business Bootcamp Active Member of the Futur Pro Group

Founder & Brand Strategist

Alex launched Flowency in 2019, fueled by his drive to use meaningful stories to humanize blockchain products.

Having honed his graphic design skills for more than fifteen years, he then went on a journey to understand the real value of design and how it can impact businesses in a tangible way. 

He now connects blockchain startups to their audiences using brand strategy and emotion driven storytelling.


Set your brand in motion

Understand what makes your brand unique and leverage it to grow a loyal audience around your products.