BTC Card

In 2020, Sweepay partenered with Tangem to launch Start2Coin, a smart banknote that provides quick and easy access to Bitcoin services in cities across Europe.

1. The Goal

The main objective was to open the world of Bitcoin to the wide public, through a seamless digital experience.
The card would be a real world representation of the brand, the key into this exciting new world.

2. Discovery

Through a series of collaborative sessions, we uncovered the core attributes of the brand, its unique advantage, as well as ways to navigate through a noisy marketplace. The biggest challenge we surfaced was overcoming the preconceptions regarding this new technology.

3. The Identity

The logo, a golden coin set in motion, perfectly framed in the brand initial letter is a reflection of the brand’s core mission: making safe and fast crypto trading accessible to everyone. The warm, welcoming colour palette challenges the limiting belief that you have to be an expert to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin.
The S2C Card is a confident embodiment of the service, a fast, reliable tool for trading Bitcoin securely.


The identity is extremely versatile, performing well on print and digital mediums. It scales well, from icons to full blown billboards, the customer will have a consistent experience of the brand every single time.

5. The Styleguide

To solidify the brand voice and language, we have created the Start2Coin Brand Styleguide, a comprehensive document describing the Brand and how it lives in the real world. From messaging to fonts, colors, imagery and icons, this is an essential resource to preserve the integrity of the brand and present it in the best light to customers and investors alike.

6. The Website

The site positioned Start2Coin online, as a reliable, safe and trustworthy provider of Bitcoin trading services.
Additionally, it served as a platform for new customers to activate their cards and get support or for Bitcoin wallet holders to connect their accounts to Start2Coin.
We made it our mission to not only create a quick and easy activation process, but a seamless user experience that's centered around the Start2Coin customer.

Rodolphe Texier

‍Alex is both a creative and well-structured person listening to the needs of the customer, while bringing proactively new ideas to improve the end result. Under his own initiative, he optimized the logo and website several times to ensure the best results.

The roadmap, milestones and overall budget were well defined from the beginning of the collaboration and at the end of the process we had a new perspective on the identity, personality and the purpose of our brand.

Rodolphe Texier - CEO Sweepay

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